Richard Mutemahuku

Richard Mutemahuku, originally from Zimbabwe, studied art at the university of Zimbabwe,

After completing his studies he relocated to South Africa.

He done several commisioned work for various galleries around Johannesburg in South Africa.

His art style is mostly inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat.

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Richard Mutemahuku - Acceptance
14.00 (DASH)

Love your soul

Richard Mutemahuku - Love your soul
14.00 (DASH) 7.00 (DASH)


Richard Mutemahuku - Partying
42.00 (DASH) 14.00 (DASH)

Repaint Boxer

Richard Mutemahuku - Repaint Boxer
28.00 (DASH) 14.00 (DASH)

Repaint Fishing

Richard Mutemahuku - Repaint Fishing
28.00 (DASH) 14.00 (DASH)

Repaint Trumpet

Richard Mutemahuku - Repaint Boxer
28.00 (DASH) 14.00 (DASH)