Sunday, January 19, 2020 has created a new asset called INVESTMENTART.ORG

This is an asset that has been created specifically for members.

If anyone is interested you can purchase INVESTMENTART.ORG assets and you will have a share similar to a crypto unit called: INVESTMENTART.ORG 

All funds get used to purchase new Investment Art.

A total of 5 000 000 units of INVESTMENTART.ORG has been created on the blockchain network. 

The current suggested price is 1 USD for 1 INVESTMENTART.ORG unit. 



1)  Please contact info at InvestmentArt . org and specify the exact amount of INVESMENTART.ORG you would like to buy.

2)  You then need to download a wallet using the following link: 

3)  Once downloaded please send your wallet address to Administrators on, and your units of INVESTMENTART.ORG will be transfered to you.

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