Future Investment Art

This category is mostly for living artist, that InvestmentArt.org identified as future investment art!

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Richard Mutemahuku - Acceptance
14.00 (DASH)


Jerry Lion Motau - Bathing
28.00 (DASH) 14.00 (DASH)

Flute Player

Jerry Lion Motau - Flute Player
28.00 (DASH) 14.00 (DASH)

Love your soul

Richard Mutemahuku - Love your soul
14.00 (DASH) 7.00 (DASH)

Mother and child

Jerry Lion Motau - Mother and child
28.00 (DASH) 14.00 (DASH)


Richard Mutemahuku - Partying
42.00 (DASH) 14.00 (DASH)