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Currently InvestmentArt.org assist our buyers and world wide members in purchasing art, that will increase in value over time.  

Please note our buying procedure:

1)  Once you selected the art you interested in.

2)  InvestmentArt.org recommend our members to pay in Bitcoin - All payments made with bitcoin will receive free shipping world wide.

3)  InvesmentArt.org will send you the art via FedEx and supply you with a tracking number.

4)  We supply art to all countries in the world.

5)  For any assitance or queries contact InvestmentArt.org for assistance.

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Frans Claerhout - The Lady

Frans Claerhout - The Lady
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INVESTMENTART.ORG NEW ASSET -Sunday, January 19, 2020
InvestmentArt.org has created a new asset called INVESTMENTART.ORG This is an asset that has been created specifically for InvestmentArt.org members. If anyone is interested you can purchase INVESTMENTART.ORG assets and you will have a share in the INVESTMENTART.ORG website. All funds get used to purchase new Investment Art.
InvestmentArt.org now accepts a range of new crypto currencies.
InvestmentArt.org is now available on OpenBazaar.org ID: cb60f7d39c1fffdd07ceb966d7c2cc6e97118fc3